Aerospace Bristol

Since its final flight 12 years ago, the last Concorde to take to the skies has sat exposed to the elements on a runway outside Bristol. However, the grounded jet has now become the centrepiece of this new museum. After its last, poignant fly-over of its home city, the 216 jet has sat on the tarmac in the Filton area of Bristol. Meanwhile, an army of volunteers gathered a huge collection of items documenting the history of flight, which they stored in a lonely hangar in the Cotswolds. The grounded jet and the hoard of aviation treasures have been brought together at Bristol’s Aerospace Centre, documenting the city’s central role in the development of the modern aviation industry.

Becks won the contract to fit out the new museum, and Helm-X supplied various metalwork items and glass balustrade systems for the exhibits, check out our Portfolio for more photos.

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April 11, 2018 11:38 am