In 2013 Shelton Flemming was awarded the contract to construct the Audi exhibiting arena who in turn entrusted Helm-X to provide various metalwork and tensile fabric structures around a large central pavilion (see Portfolio). In 2014 Audi opted for a more open forecourt design, substituting the pavilion with 9 circular umbrella canopies, a museum, and 3 giant feature walls. The steel-framed  ‘umbrellas’ were 8.4m in height and 7.5m in diameter with an inverted tensile canopy that drained rainwater inside the support post. One of these circular canopies formed the centre of an enclosed museum area by connecting to the steelwork in the roof and glazed walls. The perimeter of the Audi arena was dominated by 3 large angled walls 8.5m in height and 10.5m in length. These walls were constructed from modular steel frames, cladded in steel sheets, then dressed in tensile fabric. Check out our portfolio to see the work……

  The following ‘Behind the Scenes’video shows our site team applying the finnishing touches to the arena showcasing Audi’s finest cars.

All in all it was a great project and a huge success for Audi. Many thanks to Shelton Flemming for the fantastic design and managing the project, RBS who provided the scaffolding deck for the entire area, 7 Exhibitions who as always worked carpentry magic and Tensile Fabric who provided the tensiles for the project.

Another coveted project Helm-X were proud to work on was Skoda’s ‘Ride the Summit’ stand on behalf of A1 Events. The 2 storey structure adopted a cycling theme to celebrate Skoda’s 11 year affiliation with the Tour de France, whereby guests were invited to cycle to roof terrace level along a series of ramps where they could enjoy the views of Goodwood House and the festival. Helm-X supplied and fitted a set of twin steel staircases to mezanine and roof levels complete with glass balustrade. The cycling ramp was also finnished with glass balustrade. Helm-X also glazed the front of the building and supplied structural steelwork to support the existing  structure.

The stand was featured in Event Magazine, for more information check out the link below;

July 9, 2016 3:20 pm