Mercedes Reveal

The sensational Concept A-CLASS recently completed a national tour of the UK, making high profile appearances in four major cities – Birmingham, London, Manchester and Glasgow. The striking concept model formed the centrepiece of one of the most dramatic automotive displays ever seen in the UK. Encased in a mirrored cube, the Concept A-CLASS was surrounded by pillars of coloured LED light. These responded to the sound of passers-by, changing colour and revealing the vehicle within.

HelmX produced the steelwork and glass for the cube in which the car was encased, and the supports for the spectacular lighting that surrounded the job. We also made the removable ramp which gave the car access to the cube. The most challenging part of our involvement was the engineering involved to mechanically raise the cage and car, revealing the car from behind the mirrors…or to the unsuspecting public, from thin air!

The following video shows the various stages of building the event and the reveal itself in action!

December 10, 2012 3:15 pm