LHM Dubai Airshow

Lockheed Martin Chalet at Dubai Airshow on behalf of SDD. The building comprises of 2 floors, with a downstairs terrace, a first floor terrace, and a roof terrace. Half of the building is cladded with composite panels, the other half is glazed with blue tinted 21.5mm laminated glass. The terrace areas have baluster free glass balustrade. Access to the 1st floor is via a glazed internal staircase. Front access to the ground floor is via a glazed ramp with canopy, access to the rear by a staircase. There is also a fire escape for access to the first floor and roof terrace. The floors were decked with metal decking and then layers of plywood. The roof and terrace areas had a waterproof membrane and gutter system fitted. All of this work took our site team 5 weeks to complete.

November 22, 2017 7:02 pm