Voyagers has opened at The National Maritime Museum in Greenwich in its newly-built Sammy Ofer Wing. HelmX worked on the gallery for client The Hub. It contains over 200 objects representing the extraordinary depth and range of the Museum’s collection. Voyagers features a dynamic audio-visual installation using bespoke software created by The Light Surgeons.

Stretching the length of the Voyagers gallery is a 20-metre wave-like structure made up of 26 triangular facets and featuring a Puffersphere spherical projector at one end. Over 300 images and films from the Museum’s vast archives have been translated into a series of thematic visual journeys that unfold down the wave. HelmX fabricated and finished the steel triangular facets that made up the wave. Precision fabrication accuracy and pristine finishing was essential for this challenging job, which yielded spectacular results for the museum, as you can see from the video below!


For more information about visiting Voyagers follow the link below.

December 10, 2012 3:16 pm